MUMEjc Details

History & Improvements

MUMEjc started its life as a few minor MUDjc bug-fixes in 2011, but the project soon turned into an almost-total-rewrite and then sat dormant for two years before being polished in 2013. In Feb 2013, MUMEjc had about seven times as many source lines as the 1999 version of MUDjc. Today MUMEjc is almost completely free of any code derived from the original MUDjc, but its MUDjc heritage is honored in the name MUMEjc.

MUMEjc's major improvements over MUDjc include:

Known Limitations

Applet Requirements

That may seem like a lot, but that's slightly below the typical default minimum for applets (64 MiB = 67.1MB). Also, Java's "Swing" UI uses tons of RAM for double-buffering (approx 12MB in HD full-screen on Linux), and the JTextPane also uses a ton of RAM (approx 1 MB per 1k lines).

Watch the memory display carefully if you plan to edit large files, because each editor has its own potentially-huge back buffer.

If you're worried of running out of memory, you can modify the memory available to applets by adding either -Xmx128M or -Xmx256M to the runtime parameters field in your Java Control Panel.

Stand-Alone Mode

MUMEjc can be run in stand-alone mode by typing java -cp mumejc.jar org.mume.Client 4242 on the command line from the directory where you've downloaded mumejc.jar from the MUME website.

You can specify a limit of 128 MB of RAM by typing java -cp mumejc.jar -Xmx128M org.mume.Client 4242; this option is recommended if you plan to use the client-side editing feature.

The requirements for stand-alone mode are the same as the ones for the Applet mode, except it does not require a web browser.

Stand-Alone Pros

Stand-Alone Cons

Version Numbers

MUMEjc's version numbers are of the form YYYY.MM.DD.{git-revision}. The git revision is a non-consecutive 7-digit hex number that is only meaningful as a pointer to source control information. MUMEjc's version number is displayed in the status prompt. It can also be found by typing #version in the client.

Older revisions of the client may be kept on the MUME website for "a while" after a newer release becomes available. This will allow users to download the JAR file for the specific version for use as a stand-alone client.


MUMEjc is free-to-use, closed-source software. MUMEjc's copyright information can be obtained by typing #copyright. Feel free to use MUMEjc on another MUD's website; it will connect to the host website's IP address on port 23 by default, but you can use the applet tag <param name=port value=4242> to specify another port.