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In order to gather some informations about MUME players and to know what is its current state from a playing point of view, you can answer a questionnaire in some rooms of Arda.
The informations we'll get will only be used by us, the Implementors, and will remain confidential.
Please answer the questionnaire only ONCE per player (and not once per character played). Ainur are strongly encouraged to answer it with their immortal character, and players with their 'main' character. Although, you may create a newbie for answering if you really want to.
In order to anwer the questionnaire, go in one of the following rooms: Bree 'Common Room', Rivendell 'Modest Temple', Grey Havens 'Seagul Reception' Tharbad 'Rest Room', Fornost 'Circular Temple', Orc Caves 'The Commissary', Warrens 'A Deserted Cave', Black Numenoreans 'Crypt' or Valinor 'Mansarde'.
And type 'answer' (or 'ans'). The questions will be then displayed in order and you will answer them prefixing your text with 'answer' (or 'ans').
#'What client do you use?' 'Cancan, Powwow, Tintin, None'

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