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Reboots and crashes Nienor 17 Jul 2001
 ↳ Are the 30- and 5-minute rules enforced across reboots and crashes?
Nienor 17 Jul 2001
 ↳ Will my mount disappear over a reboot or a crash?
Nienor 17 Jul 2001
 ↳ Do unrentable items disappear at reboot or crash?
Nienor 17 Jul 2001
 ↳ Where will I end up after a reboot or a crash?
Nienor 05 Sep 2001
 ↳ MUME crashed and I lost EQ/XP?
Vairë 28 Oct 2001
 ↳ Re: MUME crashed and I lost EQ/XP?
Vairë 20 Oct 2005
Isn't it wrong that the current Tan Istar is Sauron's follower? Nienor 06 Feb 2004
How do I get items back from a mount? Petrel 13 Jan 2004
Why did my alignment just go down? Nienor 28 Sep 2003
I was Imprisoned for 1 day, but I've been here longe? Vairë 13 Jun 2003
 ↳ I served my jail time and then I was arrested again?
Manwë 13 Jun 2003
How can I find out my account name? Vairë 26 Mar 2003
How do I avoid being summoned when I don't want to be? Alkar 25 Aug 2001
Why does this game keep changing? Manwë 31 Jul 2001
Why am I banned from the game if I did not do anything wrong? Nienor 24 Jul 2001
What is Mandos Sleep? Gothmog 29 Jun 2001
Linkless deaths Nienor 28 Jun 2001
 ↳ Why are players and mobs allowed to kill linkless players?
Nienor 28 Jun 2001
 ↳ May I return equipment to someone I killed linkless?
Nienor 28 Jun 2001
Where can I download MUME sources? Manwë 27 Jun 2001
How can I contribute to the FAQ? Manwë 27 Jun 2001
What's a FAQ? Manwë 27 Jun 2001

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