Subject:Helpful Hints to New Players
Date:Tue Dec 14 08:34:03 1999
If you are a new player just starting off, you may be confused as to where
you are and how to leave. The place you are in is called the Halls of Mandos.
This is the place to where all new characters of the good races start off,
and is also where Arda's fallen heroes go to rest when they have been slain
in battle or because of a nasty trap. 

If you get thirsty while reading this board, there is a fountain to drink 
from (type "drink fountain"). If you are hungry, sometimes there is food on
the ground, left by Mandos to feed his guests ("eat <object name>").

The only way to leave the Halls of Mandos is by praying to a destination. 
There are several places you can be transported to, but only if the local
inhabitants would welcome you. Once you have decided on a destination, just
type "pray <destination>"; if you are allowed to go there, you will be sent.
If not, you will be asked to pray for a new area. Type "pray" by itself to
receive a list of possible destinations.

The destination to which you should pray in part depends on who you are:
most Men live in Fornost, Hobbits in the Shire, Elves and Half-elves in the
Grey Havens, and Dwarves in the Blue Mountains.

You do not have to pray to the town populated by your race. However, when you
are in a city populated by your own kind, you have some advantages, such
as prices for things being cheaper to you. A message later in this board
gives a more detailed description of the towns.

If you want to learn and explore on your own in a relatively safe area of
Middle Earth, pray to the Grey Havens or the Shire. If you want to find some
more players and you're willing to run some more risks, you can pray to
Fornost instead; if you're a Dwarf, you might want to start in Thorin's halls
in the Blue Mountains.

We recommend you read this board before praying to a town: once you leave this
place, you will not have access to this board's information again unless you
are killed or some mishap causes you to return here. If you are in a hurry to
get started, we recommend (if you have the option available) logging the text
of all the messages on this board, so you can refer to them until you learn
the basics.

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