Date:Tue Dec 14 08:34:29 1999
Arda is different from most lands in that the citizens of a city care about 
one another, and will report it to the guards if they catch you killing the 
populace. Do not attack any people who live in cities, or the guards will find
out and arrest or kill you.

If you prayed to Fornost, you will mysteriously appear at a well. If you are
thirsty, type "drink well". The most important thing you can do starting off
is to learn the lay of the land. To help aid you in this, the gods are most
kind and are willing to give you a kit (some basic equipment and a map of 
the town to which you prayed) to help you explore. This is referred to as a 
newbie kit. 

If you type "who a", you will see the list of gods (known as Ainur) visible 
to you. If you see any, ask them for a kit (for example "tell Dain newbie 
kit please.")

If no-one responds or you do not see any ainur visible, then type 
"pray newbie kit please."  If any gods are on, invisible to you while working 
on their projects, they will provide you with a kit. It contains a weapon,
some food, some light sources, and more importantly some maps of several
cities. The gods do not control what comes in your particular kit, do not ask
to exchange what you have been given. As you learn the game you will find you
can sell the equipment you have and buy the equipment you want (if you have
enough money, of course).

You will want to explore the cities fully until you have mastered where all
the shops and guilds are, as you will need to find them many times in the
future. You should not leave town until you have familiarized yourself with
the game's basic commands and feel confident to venture out and find your way
back again. 

One reason for this is, you may need to leave the game at some point, and on
Arda the only way to keep all the equipment you have by going to an inn and
spend the night there.

The inn in Fornost is west and south of the well. You'll find the innkeepers
will charge you money to store your possessions. To find out how much,
go to the inn and type "offer." If you believe you have enough currency and
want to leave the game, type "rent". Sometimes you will have no equipment for
various reasons; to leave the game, then just type "quit".

To see what equipment the gods gave you, type "i", which is short for the
command "inventory." This command will provide you with a list of items you
are carrying. When you start off, you will be naked. To wear an item that
you are carrying, type "wear [name of item you want to wear]". 

You can also type "wear all" after receiving your newbie kit and you will 
"wear" all of the equipment given to you in the newbie kit. Thus, you will 
hold your torch, wear the clothes and wield a weapon. It is possible that 
you will be told that some of the clothes do not fit you. In that case you 
will need to use the "mend" command in town (type "help mend").

To "remove" an item you are wearing type "rem [name of the item]".
If you want to see what items you are currently using, type the command "eq", 
which is short for the command "equipment". This list will show you what you 
are using and where it is located. If it is dark out, and you are not by a
street light or someone else using a light source, you will not be able to see.
Remember, guards do not take kindly to people harassing the locals, so please
don't use your weapon on them.

After you have explored the city and know it well, you may decide that
you are tired of seeing the room descriptions every time you walk anywhere.
To remove the room descriptions and only see room titles, type "brief."
You might also be confused by all the people who keep talking, but are not
in your room. These are called narrates, and all people from the good side
can hear it unless they choose otherwise. If you decide they confuse you too
much while you are starting out, type "listen tales." To hear the narrates
again, all you need to do is type "listen tales" again.

Now you are most likely ready to do some adventuring and may want to seek 

Type "who istari" to list the Istari playing. These people are sworn to help
you. To find out more information about them you can, of course, type "help
istari". Another group of people who offer their services to new players are
the Rangers. Type "who ranger" to see a list of these people.  If they are able
to help you, they will.  Unlile Istari, however, Rangers have an agenda of
their own, so they may tell you they are unable to help you at this moment
and ask you to wait or refer you to someone else for assistance.

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