Subject:Some more advice
Date:Tue Dec 14 08:35:07 1999
Welcome newcomers!

For those of you who are venturing into this realm for the first time,
especially if you are coming from another realm, this note will be most
beneficial to you.

First, Mume has an extensive help file on commands, revised (and in many
places written) by Ariakas.  Type "help" for a list of covered topics,
although many more are included. Thus you could "help guild"  or "help newbie"
if you wish.

The murder of innocent and good creatures is not tolerated in Arda. This
includes those beings that lack the adventuresome spirit.  Do not expect
such actions to go unpunished.

Depending on your class, there is most probably a post, written by
experienced and knowledgeable players, that will aid you in your journeys.
Some will be on the Common board of the city of your choice, and some
will be on the Guild board of the guild of your choice.  Take heed,
as these players have learned much from their journeys and wish to
alleviate your hardships.

Playerkilling is allowed, although those that make a habit of it without
justification will most likely end up on Sauron's list (not an agreeable
fate).  Also, there are three player races, Orcs, Trolls and Black Numenoreans,
that will attack you on sight. You cannot communicate with these players
unless they are in the same room with you via the say command or the same close
area via "yell". Everyone in the room can read the "say," and everyone in the
area can read the "yell"

Your 'alignment' is meant to be a summary of how you are actually behaving
and intend to behave, not just a game-playing number.  Killing the good
people of Arda is an evil act, and do not suppose that killing an equal
number of evil beings makes up for it somehow.  You are free to be an evil
person, of course, but it is not as easy to get rid of the taint of evil
here as it may be in other worlds.

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