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Date:Tue Dec 14 08:35:33 1999
Some commands you can use anywhere:

RULES gives a list of rules topics; type RULES <topicname> to read a
rules file.  For example, RULES MULTIPLAYING.  You should read ALL the
rules files.


In order to favor role-playing, and to make MUME more fun for all its players,
a set of rules has been written. The most important rule is - do not cheat. We
are here to enjoy ourselves, and it is not fun to "win" a rigged game.

In the eyes of MUME management, the worst forms of cheating are multiplaying,
banking and exchange of information between Sauron's minions (Orcs, Trolls and
Black Numenoreans) and the other peoples of Arda. To clarify what these terms
mean, you should type:


HELP gives a menu of help topics.  HELP TOPICS give a complete list of
all the existing help files.  HELP SOCIAL lists the social commands.

NEWS is used to read messages from Management about changes, new
features, temporary situations, etc.  Players are expected to be aware
of material in the News posts.  NEWS gives a list of the available
messages; NEWS NEXT displays the next unread NEWS message.

VIEW ABOUT describes some of the unique features of MUME.  Type HELP
VIEW for some of the other topics available through the VIEW command.

Your newbie kit will contain a map of your home town.  Type 'LOOK MAP'
to see it (you may have to hold it first).

A separate command, MAP, displays a map of the known world, with your
location marked with an X.  Each character of the map represents a
zone, which is a square 20 miles (10 rooms) on a side.  The major
towns are marked with letters.  For example, we see that the R
(Rivendell) is 17 zones (170 rooms, 340 miles) east of Bree.  The
zones represented by question marks are still under construction.

Useful information can be found by reading books in libraries.  Some
of these books are intended especially for newbies - for example,
"Strider's Guide for the Young Adventurer."  (Our selection is
expanding.)  There is a library in every home town.

When you visit a library, type 'LOOK BOOKS'.  This will give you a
list of the selections.  If one of them, for example, is Strider's
'read stri'   will prompt you to look at the contents, or at a chapter;
'read stri contents'   will give you the table of contents;
'read stri chapter 1'  will let you read chapter 1.

Type HELP LIBRARIES for more information on this topic.

A lot of current information about MUME, its players and culture, can
be found on the bulletin boards.  In each town, there is a News Board,
which contains the same information as the NEWS command; a General
Board, which contains posts written by players on all sorts of topics;
and a Role-Playing board, which contains posts written in character
describing characters' adventures.  There are also boards in the guild
houses and even in the jail cells!

If you are in a room with a board, such as this one, 'LOOK BOARD' will give 
you a list of the unread messages.  'READ NEXT' will display the first unread
message, EXCEPT that if there are too many unread messages - 150 or so
- it won't work.  Unfortunately when you start there WILL be too many
unread messages on the general board at least.  In that case, you have
to type 'LOOK BOARD' and save a list of the message numbers.  Then
type 'CATCHUP', which marks all the messages as read, and 'READ 1',
READ 2'.... to read all the messages one by one.  We know that this is
tedious, and we are looking for solutions to the problem.

HELP BOARDS gives more information on how to use the boards, write
messages, look at threads, and so on.

Some of the more special non-player characters are able to converse
about different things.  Try using important words in sentences in
their presence, or the command 'ASK character ABOUT topic'.  Also,
remember that the guildmasters of magic will tell you more about the
spells that you can learn if you say 'HELP spellname.'  Remember to
SAY it, rather than just typing HELP.

Watch for signs, notes, etc. in the descriptions of shops and other rooms.
For example, when in a shop, 'look sign' will often give you the hours of
the shop.

Keep your eyes open and be ready to use these different means of
learning more about MUME, and you will become a skilled adventurer
much more rapidly!

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