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Subject:About the Towns of Middle-Earth
Date:Fri Apr 19 21:35:42 1996

Here is some information about the towns of Middle-Earth, which may be
useful to you.  

The Shire:  This is the normal starting-place for hobbits.  It is a very
peaceful land; sturdy Bounders keep evil orcs away except under unusual
circumstances.  The Shire is a collection of several hobbit villages.
To find the shop or the guildmaster you are looking for may take a little
walking, but there are very few dangerous beasts to be found in the
Shire (only at the southern and western edges).

If you type MAP, the Shire is to be found westward of the letter B (Bree)
at the center of the map.  It extends for about 120 miles, from the east
bank of the Brandywine westward to the village of Michel Delving.

The GreyHavens: This is the normal starting-place for elves and half-elves.
It is a very peaceful seaport town; the magic of Cirdan, its wise
patriarch, keeps out all evil beings.  The guards are bold and strong,
and swift to attack evil people and punish evil acts!

The Havens occupies the north and south banks of the Gulf of Lhun, which
divides it in two parts: the Forlond (to the north) and the Harlond
(to the south).  Each part has its own inn, shops, and guilds.  A ferry
travels between them.

Immediately outside the eastern gate of the Havens is a peaceful agricultural
area.  About 20 miles past the gate, one begins to see boar, wolves, and
other game.

The BlueMountains: This is the normal starting-place for dwarves.  It is
found at the northwestern corner of the mapped world.  Dwarves are good,
but private and secretive people; it will be rare to see people of other
races there.  These caves, ruled by King Thorin II, are almost entirely

Outside the caves is a mountainous landscape, which becomes wilder as
one travels toward the east.  Fortunately dwarves are fierce fighters!

Fornost: This is a normal starting-place for humans.  It is a walled city
in north central Eriador.  Formerly the capital of Arnor, it was destroyed
in battle with the witch-king of Angmar nearly a thousand years ago, and
even after the power of Angmar was destroyed, the city was not rebuilt.
It lay in ruins for hundreds of years, but just recently, the Dunedain -
the human rangers who guard the north against evil - have recolonized it.

The eastern part of Fornost contains an Inn, shops, and excellent guilds
for the teaching of warrior and ranger skills.  The western part of the 
city is very dangerous for inexperienced people!  There are some dark forests
to the south of the city which can also be dangerous.


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