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Subject:About the Towns of Middle-Earth II
Date:Fri Apr 19 21:53:28 1996

Bree: This is a town of hobbits and humans, found in the central part
of Eriador.  It is an ancient town, located at the crossing of two old and
important roads.  There has been little in the way of commerce through
Bree in recent centuries, though, and the people are somewhat rustic
in their ways.  There are shops, guilds, and a well-known inn.

To the northwest of Bree, and nearby it to the south, are a mixture of
farmland and relatively peaceful plains.  To the southwest of Bree,
further south along the Greenway, and in the Chetwood east of Bree the
fauna are more dangerous.  The Midgewater Marshes east of the Chetwood
are not for the inexperienced.

In recent years, Bree has become less peaceful because of its location
on the border between east and west, good and evil, the civilized and the
wild.  Evil orcs and sorcerers, sometimes accompanied by trolls, have
been known to raid the town and its surroundings, especially in the long
nights of winter.  Some people who do not want to face such menaces travel
west into the peaceful Shire, which is much safer.

Rivendell: This is a haven of good surrounded by the wild and evil things of
the east.  Elrond Halfelven rules wisely there, with his household; there
are shops, a resting-place, and wise guildmasters.  Evil people are not
welcome there!  The only entrance from outside is across a ford at a location
which is governed by Elrond's magic powers!

However, hunting and travel anywhere near Rivendell is dangerous, and only
the bold, the strong, or the rash will go there.  Furthermore, in wintertime
Elrond's control over the ford is less, and the haven is not as safe.

Tharbad: This is a city in the south of Eriador, located at the ancient ford
of the Glanduin river.  It is a human city, which at present is a haunt of
bandits, thieves, and assassins!  It is dangerous even for inexperienced
thieves; other inexperienced people will find the going very difficult 

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