Date:Fri Feb 23 08:22:49 2001
1.  You may have only ONE ACCOUNT.  All characters you create must be in
    this account.

2.  You may not share your characters with anyone, trade them, give them
    away, or let other people log on to your account.

3.  You can play only ONE character at a time.  Before you log on character
    B, character A must have left the game with 'RENT' or 'QUIT'.

4.  You cannot transfer money or equipment from one character to another
    BY ANY MEANS - directly, indirectly, via other players, by hiding it,
    or any other way.

5.  You cannot keep money or equipment 'safe' so that you can recover it
    easily if you die.  This includes hiding it, giving it to mobiles,
    giving it to other players, and any other method.  The only way to
    get your equipment back is if you or your friends take it from your

6.  You cannot give any help or information to anyone on the other side
    of the war between the good and evil races.

7.  You cannot intentionally drop link to avoid death in any situation.

8.  Racial or sexual harassment of other players, and use of the communications
    channels for such purposes, is completely forbidden.

9.  You cannot use 'ACTIONS' in combat with other players.  Actions are
    client functions which automatically do anything based on your
    output from MUME, such as looting coins or equipment from corpses,
    fleeing, hitting, tracking, changing your aliases, changing key
    bindings, or anything else.

10. You may not use 'spam' techniques in combat with other players.  This
    is deliberately flooding your opponent's terminal with useless output
    for the purpose of creating confusion; for example, by dropping 100 
    separate copper coins in the room, repeated utterances, emotes,

Wait, here's an eleventh one:

11. You may not use a title, a whois, a description, or emotes to simulate
    game output from combat, commands, movement, or any other meaningful

These are among the MOST IMPORTANT rules for MUME mortals.  If you break
them, you can be severely punished.  Your character might lose ALL his
levels.  You might lose ALL the characters in your account.

This post is a simplified SUMMARY of some of the rules, but you are 
responsible for obeying ALL the rules in their full and original form.
Type RULES for an index to the rules.

So you know, Gods in MUME are also subject to very strict rules.  They
may not harass mortals, interfere in their affairs without cause, help
their own characters with money, equipment, or otherwise, or harm their
characters' enemies.  Any god who violates these rules is subject
to serious punishment.  One of our strengths over the years has been
 our readiness to enforce the integrity and impartiality of our immortals, and
we want it to stay that way.

We believe these rules are reasonable and encourage roleplay and fair
competition.  We are very serious about enforcing them.  

for the management

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