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Subject:[General] ways of dying on Mume - mostly mobdeaths
Date:Tue Mar 31 10:54:49 1998

1. Wolves
2. Other aggressive mobs
3. Hill giants who chase you
4. Lag
5. Tracking mobs
6. DTs
7. Drowning
8. City guards - if hostile
9. PK death
10. Outta moves = outta luck
11. Fail many flees
12. Lag 
13. Server screws you up
14. Typoes
15. Sun - for trolls
16. You flee back into the mob you were fighting
17. Lag
18. Regens locks the doors with you in room with agg mobs
19. Mob switched at random and got multiple attacks through before you 
        could react
20. The whole damn town is after your ass - happens to darkies
21. Misport
22. Fail one too many swims
23. Fail one too many climbs
24. Lag
25. Get poisoned from mobs
26. Critical wounds
27. Snow - by taking moves at an enormour rate
28. Fumble / zblam to death - mostly newbies
29. Noport zones - spell casters mostly
30. Spam - too many mobs / things in the room
31. Spells wearing off at wrong time
31. Don't have food/water and so run outta moves quick.
32. No-flee rooms / directions such as underwater rooms
33. Get bashed in a room with hard hitting mobs
34. Wrong wimpy or zero wimpy
35. Berserk mood
36. Willow job gone wrong
37. Lose your mount somehow
38. Be 1.elf or 1.player :)
39. Not have bob or a bobber
40. Hardened rangers - for darkies
41. Little regen in sun - for orcs 
42. Piss off one of the A+
43. Backfires at the wrong moment
44. Light source runs out in dark
45. Lag
46. The 'hub' throws you out while Mume continues
47. Get blinded by some mob
48. Don't have lab-partners to help
49. You flee onto water at awful
50. Almost every goddamned mob you meet is trying to screw you over

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