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by Waba
Sun May 27, 2018 7:19 pm
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Topic: connection problems
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Re: connection problems

Hello, It smells like someone (your ISP ? a browser extension ?) is intercepting and messing with your web traffic. Why only though ? I have no idea. Technicalities : the webserver cannot emit these errors, it's good ol' LAMP. It does not have a reverse proxy, so no "gateway timeou...
by Waba
Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:46 pm
Forum: Advice for New Players
Topic: Ask anything, here!
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Re: Ask anything, here!

I don't think we have much MUMErs using Atlantis, so you might not get an answer.

If you are stuck, you could try out a more popular choice like Mudlet.
by Waba
Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:12 pm
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Topic: News 2475 : More freedom in your adventures
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News 2475 : More freedom in your adventures

Message 2475 : More freedom in your adventures (Waba) Written on Sun Feb 22 11:31:18 2015 You now have more freedom while adventuring, as you can continue to gain experience even if you did not travel enough recently. In other terms: you will not see the "reduced experience" message anymore during n...
by Waba
Sun Nov 23, 2014 3:48 pm
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Topic: New web client
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New web client

I'm bringing a modern web client to MUME: Features: Compatible with most modern browsers (Chrome 16+, Firefox 11+, IE 10+). No cryptic security issues caused by Java or Flash plugins (it's pure Javascript). Compatible with most corporate/school firewalls (the telnet c...
by Waba
Mon Jun 21, 2010 6:32 am
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Topic: Help with MMapper2
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Re: Help with MMapper2

"brief off", "spam on" may help as well.
by Waba
Sun Nov 01, 2009 8:25 am
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Topic: Post if you still play mortal
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Re: Post if you still play mortal

I play mortal! But apparently I don't check the forum as often as you'd expect.
by Waba
Fri May 22, 2009 7:17 pm
Forum: Archive - Clients and settings
Topic: MMapper 2.0.4 Final Released
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Re: MMapper 2.0.4 Final Released

Some precisions for those interested: "Map recovery on crash" actually means "no map corruption on crash". In other words, when you save your precious map the result is atomic: either it succeeds or the file is not touched at all. This only works on non-Windows platforms however. Base map exports me...
by Waba
Sun Apr 06, 2008 7:26 pm
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Topic: New Quests (or quests for new players)
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Re: New Quests (or quests for new players)

Timodeus wrote:Did I miss something?
If you came across other stuff, feel free to tell me about it.
  • The Tharbad boatman
  • The place under "stairs" at "A Natural Crown" in Eregion
  • Elrond's place in Rivendell
  • Quenaire's book
And probably some more that I forgot or haven't noticed yet.