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by Alian
Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:16 pm
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Topic: Newbie Scout Questions
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Re: Newbie Scout Questions

Everyone does things differently, but these are my two cents. Get a few practices in endurance but not a whole lot - you can leave both parry and endurance alone for now I think and instead go for getting Wilderness up a lot, it's very important and makes life easier. If you can bind your wounds dec...
by Alian
Sun Feb 05, 2012 9:01 am
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Topic: Recent changes, a bright future ahead
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Re: Recent changes, a bright future ahead

Andróg wrote:Ilie had to leave, so he couldn't finish what he had in plans and intended to finish.
Couldn't someone else like... Finish his plans or was it all a big secret only known to him?
by Alian
Sun Mar 30, 2008 1:00 am
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Topic: Books to read
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Re: Books to read

I've started to read the Culture novels, by Iain M Banks. Finished the first one a week ago, just started on the second and I'm loving it. Anyone else read them?
by Alian
Sun Mar 09, 2008 10:01 am
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Topic: Movies to watch
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Re: Movies to watch

Match Point.