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Re: [HowTo] Advanced Character Statistics

Post by radhruin »

Hello this is my first post on the board,

i've read many posts and threads on scouts (esp.), stat and practice and i can not yet totally grasp the idea behind letting
people tweak their characters statistics so they can achieve a higher % in some skill later on in the game while the actual
statistic is now back to "normal" again using train neglect tactics..

Is this the way MUME management want people to play the game ? There is a lot of randomness in the game as it is, so why add
another dimension perhaps only available to a few percent of the total player base because most players don't have a clue
about tweaking their statistics to gain a better % in some skills and they probably don't want to either !

It's always like this, *some changes and being made to the game* -> *some players adjust and tweak it to the max* -> Result is
Status Quo among the power players, the not so Mume gifted will now have an even larger disadvantage because an already
complex game became even more complex. And to be quite true, much of the needed information remains hidden to normal players.
The V+ trickle down effect.
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Re: [HowTo] Advanced Character Statistics

Post by dianos »

To follow up on what Radhruin said, I'd like to point out that I think that the current stats training system is rubbish. It was introduced as an alternative to a reroll, so that people wouldn't have to retire/recreate characters that they wanted to improve, but because it was poorly implemented it has backfired completely. It has created a new way to make characters even more powerful. It actually adds to the reasons for rerolling/recreating characters to make them more powerful. On top of that, it is completely unintuitive.

That's my opinion. I already said what I thought of it on ER some time ago. I'd like to the thread, but I can't find it. (The search on ER doesn't seem very powerful.)
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Re: [HowTo] Advanced Character Statistics

Post by Andróg »

Search mechanisms was deliberately downgraded on ER some years ago so people wouldn't resurrect (very) old threads that often. Inability to find useful stuff was the "collateral damage", unfortunately.
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Re: [HowTo] Advanced Character Statistics

Post by zubata »

I am unsure about one thing. How far i can go with "train skill" feature? Is it limited to what you can get with partial rerrol or ?
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Re: [HowTo] Advanced Character Statistics

Post by Jahara »

zubata wrote:I am unsure about one thing. How far i can go with "train skill" feature? Is it limited to what you can get with partial rerrol or ?
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Re: [HowTo] Advanced Character Statistics

Post by wiseman »

What would be the ideal pre-improved stats for a warrior/cleric combo? Also, is there a guide somewhere with how you should use pracs on a combo char? I've seen a lot of discussion on stats but information on how many pracs to put into skills is hard to find.
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Re: [HowTo] Advanced Character Statistics

Post by Nuffle »

Well. I'm really not the best person to answer you, but I'll try.

First off, prac a combo fighter/cleric like a pure fighter to legend. Pure fighters pick up cure light, so should you.

What sort of fighter, and what sort of cleric do you want? Fighters are buffers, bashers and smiters, and clerics may or may not be able to dispel well or have a sanctuary spell that's useful, or a reasonable chance of landing 'harm'. You also didn't mention how important PvP is to you. PvE characters can get away with lower wil and dex. Also, some folks hate to PvP with less than 100% track, or 125% track for that matter.

Buffers initially want Str, Con, Dex and Per (for parry) , Bashers want Str, Dex and Wil, Smiters want Str, Con and Wil. Clerics initially want Wis and Int in general, and maybe some wil. After moving points around, Fighters generally want Str and Con, and maybe some dex. Clerics want a high wil in the end if they cast offensive spells (harm or dispel), or if they want their sanctuary to be good.

So, one approach would be a basher/healer, something like this PvE dwarf:
Str 18, Int 17, Wis 17, Dex 12, Con 9, Wil 14, Per 7, train down Dex/Wil, train up con. Low dex means slow bashes, and low wil means no blind for you! Also, 86% track and only mediocre Con. Excellent healer. Use MDA, wear metal armor.
More well rounded might be a smiter/dispeller Dwarf:
Str 18, Int 13, Wis 17, Dex 12, Con 14, Wil 14, Per 12, train down per/dex, train up wil. Low dex again, so PvP will want to be in a group. 130% wilderness is nice, 95% track is still kinda low, but blind, dispel, and break door will all work well, and heals should be "Ok". Use enchanted morningstar, wear metal armor.

Because clerics get the Strength spell, you can start with sub-18 strength and still be able to wield the good weapons at legend. It makes leveling a bit harder, tho, because it limits starting weapon options, but frees up some points and makes non-dwarves more attractive, like this half-elf:
Str 16, Int 13, Wis 19, Dex 13, Con 13, Wil 13, Per 13, train down per/dex, train up wil. Basically the same as the dwarf above, but you've traded good fighter skills for good casting skills. Uses all weapons equally, so whatever you can lay hands on will work. Might want to wear chain instead of metal.

Buffer is harder, because high dex and per are hard to come by, but something like this elf might work:
Str 15, Int 15, Wis 18, Dex 15, Con 13, Wil 7, Per 15, train down per, train up con. Use swords to legend, wear fine chain. Once again, no wil, and wilderness is really low, but track is 111%.

There are a lot more options out there.
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Re: [HowTo] Advanced Character Statistics

Post by Elestir »

Get something like max WIS, 15+ INT, 13-16 STR, 12-15 CON, 10-12 DEX, 10-14 WIL and 8-13 PER.
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Re: [HowTo] Advanced Character Statistics

Post by science »

The shorter answer is that you don't want to make a combo cleric. They don't work too well on puke, as the two most important combo spells (armour and shield) are mage ones, so it screw up your class levels pretty badly. And all the awesomest cleric spells need fullclass or close, or massive levels. blind, sanc, heal, etc.

The closest I'd get is a mostly-pure warrior with bob.

I've known a couple of people who liked their combo clerics, though. One of them who was mostly cleric but bashed's groupmates would always complain about their low hp-heals and short sancs though :)