where are the gods?

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where are the gods?

Post by Madrigan »

Hi there,

I'm new to MUME, but not really. I remember playing it about eight or nine years ago. Well, for some reason I'm back. I logged in for the first time tonight and had a really tough time. No Ainur to help, so no newbie kit. I don't like to bother the more experienced players, I just want to get started, so I ended up sitting and doing nothing for a time. Got killed by a rat :roll: , you know how it goes from there.... :|

So, was this an off night and MUME has been going strong? Or is it yet another faded and barely populated MUD that exists only for a core group of players and no one else? I'm hoping the former, because I remember it being fun and would like to jump back in.

Thanks all.

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Re: where are the gods?

Post by ciúin »

I've got good news and bad news.

The bad news is that, as the volume of replies to your post might indicate, MUME is indeed yet another faded and barely populated MUD that exists only for a core group of players and no one else.

The good news is, if you want to play anyway, you don't really need a God to give you a newbie kit: you can scavenge what you need. Remember "Riches at your feet"?
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Re: where are the gods?

Post by Timodeus »

Usually, at least during the european day and evening (that's when I see who's there), there's usually someone around who can give you a kit.

Apart from that, you'll need to find yourself a knife and some basic stuff from level 5 onwards... at least in GH you should find a weapon and some stuff to start with.
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Re: where are the gods?

Post by Andróg »

Yeah, it's mostly from European noon to a few hours into the "European night-time", when Europeans are sleeping there's rarely anyone there. Because of my new location you might find me logging on at all sorts of odd hours, but generally I don't really semi-idle around like some people... However, if I am online, then I am very rarely idle, so you do have a good chance of getting a responce. :)

Anyway, to answer your question: I think MUME is a strange combination of both. It's not going strong, but it's not in a coma either.

Oh and should you need some basics to start when there's no one online to give you a newbie kit, then yeah... "Riches at your feet"! ;)

My personal suggestion, though, could be summarised into two keywords: canoes and herbs! 8-)
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Re: where are the gods?

Post by brin »

Warrior guilds in fornost and Grey Havens have weapons racks with weapons that you can use. Scavange around. You'll find food and other items, some of which you can sell. Personally I find it one of the fun parts of the game. And there are always generous players on who will donate some gold. 2 gold coins stretches a long way when you are level 2.

Is MUME struggling? I don't think so. Like all games it has its hard core. Like you I am a player who has returned after years away and find a text based game far more stimulating that a graphics based one. Enjoy.