Aldereons Quest.

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Aldereons Quest.

Post by Hrist »

Hi,I accedently got killed by a mountain lion while bringing one of the letters to Forlond (note to self use ferry next time).
Now someone...thanks...lootet my corpse and letter was lost. Is there a way of getting Aldereon to give you a new letter?


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Re: Aldereons Quest.

Post by Andróg »

I'm not exactly sure how it works, but I know that it can be done. Have you just tried going to him, asking him or such? If this doesn't work, then try asking on narrate - usually people know answers to questions like this.
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Re: Aldereons Quest.

Post by Jahara »

I believe just asking him 'letter' or 'replacement' or 'lost' will do the trick. I had this done once before and it was fairly easy to get a replacement.