Long time between plays

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Long time between plays

Post by pterzidactylus »

Hi there, everyone.

First off: yes, I know my character name is a pain in the butt. I've already apologized to the gods, and I'm considering a name change.

Secondly, I used to play back in... '99, '00 or thereabouts. I just started up a new character (surprise, my old ones were deleted). I was wondering if anyone else out there has done something similar, and what their experiences with that have been.

I'm kind of surprised how much of the maps I remembered once i got back into the swing of it. I thought about logging on a few years ago, but didn't want to re-learn the map. Luckily, I haven't really had to (with the exception of the Old Forest... good lord...)

I'm not noticing too many differences, except that back in the last century, there seemed to be a lot more players on. It's really too bad there there seems to be such a drop-off in players. Maybe I'm wrong? I haven't seen any recent polls that talk about the player stats. I think the last was in '00 or '01? I think a new poll would be a great idea.

I'm also really grateful for the advent of mappers (mmapper). It has really helped me remember the maps, AND it really adds a lot to the experience. I know... I know... it's a MUD, and it's supposed to be a text game... but even in '99 I was trying to make my own paper maps of the towns and surrounding areas, so it's a welcome addition in my view.

Anyway, I'd love to hear everyone else's experiences with the game after leaving and coming back some years later.

MUME still rocks.

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Re: Long time between plays

Post by Andróg »


You might want to visit http://www.elvenrunes.com instead for such discussions though. That place tends to be the most active mume fan forum these days. A lot more old-timers there as well. :)

To answer some of your questions: yes, after the lotr-movies came out MUME had quite a boom in player activity, it's getting more quiet nowadays, but we hope that perhaps the Hobbit movies can help at least a little bit.