Stats for Orc Scout

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Stats for Orc Scout

Post by Feld »

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or advice on stats for my Orc Scout. He is currently retired at level 18, and I have a limited reroll available.

Base abilities: Str:14 Int:7 Wis:7 Dex:18 Con:18 Wil:11 Per:18

Originally I was thinking to go with these and train neglect Per, train improve Str and Wil ... but perhaps Wil is simply too low?

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Re: Stats for Orc Scout

Post by Elestir »

Low WIL surely is a weakness, but stats like DEX, PER, CON, STR are simply more important for scout, and you therefore have very little space for improving your WIL. Many scouts took the path with very low WIL and were successful with various styles of playing. You just need to keep in mind, that you are very vulnerable to magic (dispels, quakes, but also blinds, sleeps, etc.) and adapt your play based on that.

You can somewhat make up for your weakness with equipment (typical scout legend uses black runed dagger and bejewelled shield, which are both items that help to resist magic, and there are few more, but less common options, if you want even more resistance). Nevertheless as a scout you should avoid eating spells as much as possible, even if you have higher WIL.

WIL helps with few other things aside of magic resistance (and some of them are actually useful to scout too), but as I said, you have other priorities like DEX & PER for crucial thief skills or CON & STR mostly for mobility.