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Re: Time Sinks

Post by Cuantar »

Agreed. I wouldn't play BN if I didn't have to hunt down the guildmasters in order to spend pracs. I enjoy the sudden increase in power from spending three levels' worth of pracs all at once.

EDIT: Though I must admit it's always frustrating to run around for a while and find the corpse of the guy I was looking for... oh well! God hates BNs.
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Re: Time Sinks

Post by Riley »

I completely agree with the shop idea. However I also agree there is
Indigo wrote:No reason you 'have' to do most of the things described to play MUME. Why *must* you go to Lorien, or *must* you create a focus?
there is no reason you "must" do some things in must, you do them to progress further in the game.

A game should have depth and playability but there is always a continuos need for refinement as well, keep posting in the bugs area and in the general thread area and keep on playing.
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Re: Time Sinks

Post by Sarai »

Wobbler's right; mods shouldn't shit on his ideas.
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Re: Time Sinks

Post by erekose »

Just presenting a newbie's perspective on this topic

I believe many "time sinks" as they have been called provide one of the few ways in which someone who is entirely new to the game can learn a lot about the it. What happens when the armourer is open? High level characters walk in, sell a whole bunch of stuff and walk out on the never ending quest for gold an xp if you send them a tell, over half the time they will not even reply. I can imagine if they did not have to wait for mending, it would be pretty much the same phenomenon.

In my experience these so called "time sinks" provide a good time to ask questions (more often than not they are very helpful if caught at a time they HAVE to idle), to look at their equipment, or even to listen to their conversations.

just my twopence worth
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Re: Time Sinks

Post by Wobbler »

Today, I wanted to see if I could make something of an old character of mine.
After two hours of not being allowed into Lórien to practice, I retired again.
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