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[Links] Compilation of Useful Mume Pages

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2008 4:50 pm
by Jahara
If you know of a page that isn't listed here and includes acceptable (read: not identified gear lists, etc) information please PM me so that I can include it in this list! (I'll have to check and see if its okay to link to really old sites that have such information still)

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I will be placing pages into several subgroups depending on what that site is primarily known for:

Class Guides
Beorning Guide: Freya's How to roar?
Troll Guide: Goretongue's Troll Help File
General Guide: Gorm: notes of a ranger
Scout Guide: Lathron's guide for young scouts
Mage Guide: Mithmenel's notebook
BN Guide: Rubik's page
General Guide: Alie's Newbie Guide (Is there a mirror up somewhere?)
BN Guide: Survival v2.0 by Scad

Stat Guides
Advanced Character Statistics

Herbs & Herblore
Herblore, Herbs, Logs: Alo's Little MUME Page
Herblore, Herbs, Spell lore: Diam's MUME Page
Hidden Outpost (Known mirror?)

Skill/Practice Information
Skill Information, Links, Tons of Other Information: VrAK's MUME-related page
Skill Requirements, Practice Locations, MUME Lore: Tabris' MUMEpage

Useful Programs
Diamonium's MOM mapper
Cheeselab mapper
expandora mapper
mmapper2 | mmapper2 Windows Guide
Sprocket's Trophy Analyzer
Jahara's Stat Generator
Jahara's MUME Time Script

Danish MUME page
Black Shadow Clan

Quest Information
Tons of Out of Date Information: Gray's MUMEpage

Client Scripts
Elvenrunes Client Scripts | MUME Script

The People of Mume

Local Editing Guide