Issues of Granularity

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Issues of Granularity

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In times long past we had a tick-based regen. That got changed to "trickle charge". Neither is necessarily
the bestest solution. Imagine that current hp/mn/mv was to increment indirectly via temp. value pool,
with %random fall into current points. This would simulate some chunkiness. Anyway, we may conclude
that the current system is superior because the tick based regen was far too granular.

Reduced experience: currently, your exp stream is shut off completely when lacking travel points?
Would be more appropriate when called 'capped experience'. To make it reduced: with tpt level 2 below,
award 1/2 of exp, 3 levels below 1/3, etc. Exping like that is quite detrimental. (Well, 1/1 to 1/2 drop
is highly granular as well, hmph...)

Reroll times: have it ramp up linear from 1mo to 6mo, between levels 20 and 60. Or, same thing really,
t = c1 + c2 * log(exp) | min,max
Here, one day granularity would probably be appropriate. Even better solution (the one perhaps attempted)
is to remove rerolls completely while adding potential to stats training.

Night vision: make infravision test more gradual. Lets say <80% awareness to always fail; >=100% to succeed.
The test could be random (problem: spam look), or depend on target size (body weight).

Nosneak panic: another on/off thing. At least randomize the duration.

Spell effects: everything is on/off. Mostly it's as-designed (e.g. shield fading would be really annoying,
cloak of blindness may "lift", and so on). Nevertheless, this is a serious limitation. Like Clearthought
has steps, not ramps, etc. There's no facility for tagged, time-ramped (delta) effects? Implement it!

I'm sure there are many more on/off things that could be improved. You have to keep this in mind when new
features are introduced: avoid on/off toggles, consider what such feature might depend on. OTOH, everything
having a curve may lead into tweakerism hell. Still.