Question about mobdeath penalty (not complaint)

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Re: Question about mobdeath penalty (not complaint)

Post by ghalad »

Marissa's post, whilst moving away from the thread header, is very valid and does not just apply to MUME but all muds. I have been thinking about this for some time now and one of my 'better' suggestions would be to add a newbie 'bot' who would make suggestions: you are thirsty? why not type drink water etc making suggestions to the new player. Marissa is again right in assuming that new players dont want to read 10 years of posts on the notice board (alot of which are irrelevant or relate to earlier versions of the game) so something drastic has to be done to provide new players with the quick hits they are used to from more graphic based games.
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Re: Question about mobdeath penalty (not complaint)

Post by science »

I'm another in favor of nerfing death a bit. Not completely, but the more the better in my mind, up to about 50%. I played most about 9 years ago, but quit when I mobdied several times in a row. I've stopped back from time to time, but never stick with it because I know I'm just going to get frustrated again...

Most muds (and mmo's) have NO penalty for death. We could reduce mume's penalty quite a bit without hitting that extreme. Because I agree - there does need to be some penalty. Perhaps I don't xp as fast as many, but it has set me back weeks before, and at some point I just leave instead. Perhaps it's that I really like exploring zones which are new to me.

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