A reminder about Legendhomes

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A reminder about Legendhomes

Post by Naga » Fri Apr 18, 2008 9:37 am

Hello to all of you

A little recap for those of you who are interested in a legend home.

For all of those who are level 30 or above, you are able to procure a
legend home in the cities of the West. Several residential areas have
been created in the cities of Bree, Fornost, Rivendell and the Blue

If you have already asked for a legendhome and are still waiting
for an answer, please contact us (by using the legendhome board or catch us

A few restrictions:

1) New legend homes must be built in such a way as to fit in with the general
atmosphere of the towns in which they will be located. For example,
homes in Bree will be homes that you might find in a village - not palaces.
Homes in the Shire should be smials or modest above-ground homes.

2) A legend home in a town must have a non-hidden front door.

3) Except in the Blue Mountains and the Shire, homes should be aboveground
structures, not excavations. The entrance to a home may not lead DOWN into a
public street.

4) Legend homes will generally be located on residential streets. In no event
are they to be connected to existing structures in the zone with other uses,
such as guilds, shops, guard posts, Bill Ferny's house, etc., nor are
they to be located in public parks or graveyards.

For more information about the cost, the building of your home, please
read the MUME help files or visit the wiki on the following address: