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Feedback on Ideas

Post by Wobbler »

Lack of V+ feedback on ideas posted by mortals have long been viewed as a problem by a large share of MUME's playerbase; these web boards offer a good remedy for that. This does not have to include getting involved in lengthy discussions, which obviously could take away a great deal of time from fixing bugs or implementing ideas; simple statements in idea threads, however, such as "I like this idea and will discuss it with the other Valar", "This idea conflicts with the management's vision of MUME's future" or "This idea seems nice, but would require a great deal of coding work and is not likely to be implemented in the near future" would be great.
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Re: Feedback on Ideas

Post by Belamir »

I've seen a lot of feedback on these forums so far. More than that, I've been able to deduce that because of this feedback the V+ read these forums, and also that because some ideas get feedback, the ideas that don't haven't merited it.

I've also deduced from a few V+ comments that a flood of largely minor or pointless ideas by one or two posters has been noticed by the V+, and such postings may not be or may not have been in the interest of those who hope for plentiful feedback from the busy volunteers in the MUME administration.
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Re: Feedback on Ideas

Post by Timodeus »

I also think that general feedback is next to worthless if noone is going to do about it. If you post Idead #1 and get "Nice to have" and Idea B "nope, bad idea, because..." but noone does something about it (no time, no coder, no...) what would be the benefit?