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The Forum Search Function

Post by Wobbler »

The search function seems far too keen on claiming a search keyword is too common, how about making it a tad less restrictive?
Even when limiting the search to topics only, knowing there is at most two or three threads matching a desired keyword, I frequently get the "The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words: system track" error message. It also seems to ignore any attempt to bind words together into a string using quotation marks.
Last, the "Search for all terms or use query as entered" option does not seem to work, trying to search for "tracking system" in the Ideas forum returns everything matching "tracking" and ignores "system".

All in all, it seems impossible to search for a topic whose exact title is "Track system" without knowing who wrote the opening post.
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Re: The Forum Search Function

Post by Nienor »

I finally found the relevant configuration setting and disabled the threshold that checked for very common words. Search should now be somewhat more usable.
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Re: The Forum Search Function

Post by Belamir »

In case no-one else says it: Thank you!