Recent changes, any future ahead?

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Recent changes, any future ahead?

Post by Adverse »

Today it is 6 months and 1 day since Gothmog posted the oncoming of many changes except the ones that changed thieves. I just want to ask once again, what so many already asked, is something else going to change? I'm sure you wanted something good to come out of these changes but so far the practical outcome is just a long wait for a more or less destroyed class. I don't want to be negative, I still like MUME and I think it is fantastic that it’s available for everyone to try for free. However, thieves maybe should get a reroll or something soon unless these other changes is coming really soon. If not, you really just took away something that many players have put a lot of time into. And I am sure that this was not the intention.
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Re: Recent changes, any future ahead?

Post by pinion »

It is rather disheartening, I agree. Likely development got slowed up for reason x, y, z as often occurs when you rely on many different people to create something. I hope they come out atleast with status soon, so we know they are alive and working (even if at reduced pace).
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Re: Recent changes, any future ahead?

Post by harell »

I totally agree with Adverse and Pinion. The issues really has nothing to do with the rate at which changes are being implemented... Obviously, plans are made, issues come up, and delays pervent actual impelementations... The problem is people simply want to know that someone is doing something.

This is just an opinion, but communication is extremely vital for this stage of Mume's life. We are so far past the so called "Glory days" that no one has any idea what to think anymore. Is management doing something? If they are, are they not telling us on purpose? Why don't we see implementors taking a more active role in projects? How often do A+ even log anymore? Do they care about a player-base that is consistently declining? Do the even know the player base is declining? Do they want the player base to decline so that mume can be shutdown in a few years without a fuss? The list goes on...

I will be honest... 6 months ago I was more excited about mume than I had been in a while. But now, it has just become more frustrating because it feels like a patronizing speech to keep all the worriers/complainers happy. I wonder if it would be out of the question to request a brief monthly update on V+ activity? Details (for obvious reasons) would not have to be included, but just the sheer fact that communication is taking place will help.

I hope this post is received well and not viewed as a demand or whine. I (along with what I believe to be many committed mumers) want the best for mume and want to see it grow and thrive inspite of the path it has taken over the last couple of years. If you are reading this, but know of someone higher up on the totem pole that may need to read this, please feel free to forward it to them.

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Re: Recent changes, any future ahead?

Post by Caerroil »

The sudden activity about half a year ago was not a "patronizing speech" to keep people happy, it was a genuine effort initiated by people who really do care. However as far as I know RL imposed itself and those who were driving things simply didn't have time for MUME any more.
As far as I can tell/guess (and I don't really know more than most) the real problem with development in MUME is that there is a lack of high enough positioned and motivated/available people driving it. There seems to be "lowly" V's around to support a lot more development as long as there was some "proper" organization/managing from above.
So the problem is kind of the same as with the playerbase, lack of people. So when the few people left, who are in a proper position to do things and are motivated enough, come around development will happen in bursts and then seem to completely stop when those persons have no time for MUME anymore for that time.
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Re: Recent changes, any future ahead?

Post by science »

The issue unfortunately in this case seems that everyone playing a thief feels like a major thing got taken away from a mostly-balanced system, with nothing to offset it. It'd be nice to know at least what some of the ideas and ETAs were, to make it worth it for them to hold on.

Things seem very warrior-centric right now, which is unfortunate. I just did levels 15-20 with a warrior, and ended up grouping only with other warriors - not because that was my preference, just because that's what I happened to be running in to. (I hate soloing, so amost always group up. A group == a grander adventure!)

Personally I'd love to see more archery features. It was featured a lot in the book (and especially movies), and seems like something that might fit under the scout side of things. And perhaps looking more than one room away, or something like that.

Train off is so effective right now, make it experimental and people will certainly try it out pretty quickly...

Anyways, we should keep pestering the ones with power with the hope that they'll evetually get sick of our buzzing, and either demote us or finish implementing things :) Keep dangling the carrot in front of us!