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Post by burgnaz »

I'm a fairly new player that just started Burgnaz (dwarf), and I'm wondering a little bit about smelting the ore I mine to increase my profits. There are two furnaces I saw in BM, but I can't "smelt ore", "smith ore", "use ore furnace", or anything I can think of to turn the ore into the bars that Vig sells. Vig also sells hammers and tongs. I've tried using them in all the possible combinations I can think of, but that didn't work either. I guess I'm wondering if a MUME character even has the capability of crafting ore like that, and if so, how? Thanks.
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Re: Ore/Smelting

Post by Wobbler »

I am fairly certain nothing like that is possible.
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Re: Ore/Smelting

Post by science »

Unfortunately, since you've devoted your life to soldiering, you don't have enough skill to smelt the ore :) Better let the shopkeeper do it for you!

Good question though!
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Re: Ore/Smelting

Post by dianos »

I don't think it is possible; but it should be. It's a good idea.