Powtty and Multiple keybindings

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Powtty and Multiple keybindings

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i have tried for several hours now to find a way to bind f.ex alt+numpad4 to escape west, but i cant get it to work,
and so i've been told powtty doesnt support this, but, why does powwow? If powwow can, shouldn't powtty, as its basically just a rip-off
from powwow?

And, adding this to powtty wouldnt be that hard (or?) for a person who knows how to do it? :/

in advance, ty
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Re: Powtty and Multiple keybindings

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The difference between powtty and powwow that is relevant to this is that powtty contains terminal emulator (putty), while powwow does not (powwow is usually run from some terminal emulator such as xterm). To make keys like alt+keypad bindable, you first need to configure your terminal emulator to send different escape sequences for alt-keypad combinations than it sends for keypad keys. Putty probably doesn't support that, while e.g. xterm does.