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Post by Timodeus »

Elvenrunes seems to be down for now, so what's needed to make this a (temporary) replacement?
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Re: Elvenrunes

Post by Fankil »

Compared to elvenrunes it lacks the ability to post logs and a board/wall for short messages ("venting").

If there's time, knowledge and possibility a friendlier interface, more representative of MUME.
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Re: Elvenrunes

Post by Rogon »


Basic functions would be logs and a shoutbox. Other than that, activity on the forum itself.

Then a lot of cosmetic stuff imho. Less clutter, links between webpage - forums - logpage - wiki at the top, some similarity between the sites (or rather, the different parts of the site). And two big vote buttons!

The mume.org site and especially forums should be a natural place to visit often for any active mume player.

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