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Justice: Friendly Reminder about RULES INTERRACE

Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 4:56 pm
by Rogon
Please take a moment out of your day and read RULES INTERRACE
and RULES PK. Pay extra special attention to the part where it

Members of different sides cannot collaborate, communicate,
or otherwise interact in any matter but as supreme, utter
enemies. Fight or flee.

In translation, this means that you can't set up a rendez-vous
with a fallen enemy and give him the eq you just looted from his
cold, dead hands. You can loot or not loot - that is a tactical
choice available to you as the victor of any given fight. You
CANNOT 'sip tea' and 'kindly chat' while you help a member of
the other side with his or her re-equipment process. Fight or

Someone just lost a level for a transgression like this, and
more demotions will absolutely and surely follow if we see it
happen again.

Thank you.