News 2454: Rumblings from the Ettenmoors

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News 2454: Rumblings from the Ettenmoors

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Road-weary folks recently arrived in Rivendell after enduring a harrowing
journey along the Great Eastern Road. They came bearing breathless tales of
loud groans coming from the earth itself, of bright-green lights burning among
the Ettenmoors at night, and of sounds of faraway battles and screams rolling
among the trollshaws. While some among the fair folks of Imraldis advocated
sending patrols to the area, Elrond's advice was to avoid the area altogether.
Whatever screaming and battles went on among those accursed hills, the
reasoning went, it was hopefully decimating the foul beings that live there
rather than anything else.

In the Troll Warrens, however, the Clantrolls of Grinder's have been going
through a bit of a rough patch. A major quake struck their caves, and Edda's
cooking pot was spilled not just once, but three times. This was considered a
bad omen among the trolls, and Grinder dispatched some of her fastest kin to
patrol their caves. To their dismay, most of the patrols were never heard of
again, and those who returned would only say that it looked as if new tunnels
had appeared where there previously were none. An uneasy silence has fallen on
the Warrens, and many a troll have been heard muttering about food and loot
being better and more plentiful before the darn quakes happened.


Many thanks to everyone that worked on this project! A very experienced team of
builders got together and added something we think will be a fun part of MUME
for the years ahead. The team:

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