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New web client

Post by Waba »

I'm bringing a modern web client to MUME:

  • Compatible with most modern browsers (Chrome 16+, Firefox 11+, IE 10+).
  • No cryptic security issues caused by Java or Flash plugins (it's pure Javascript).
  • Compatible with most corporate/school firewalls (the telnet connection is wrapped inside HTTPS).
  • Support for F-keys and keypad bindings.
Known issues:
  • I didn't buy a certificate for this test server, so you'll have to click through the 'insecure website' screen. I'll fix once it moves to the production server.
  • This is beta software. Don't go PKing with this.
  • Is this client useful to you? Why, why not?
  • Did you meet any usability, compatibility, etc issue?
  • Any specific suggestion to make it useful for new players (besides the obvious mapper)?
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Re: New web client

Post by Koft »

a kind of necro, but anyway.

Client works as a charm.
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