Some small QoL changes I'd like to see

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Some small QoL changes I'd like to see

Post by Asara »

1. Make 'le' and 'lea' read as 'lead' instead of 'leave' by default. I don't know about other players, but I don't think I've ever intentionally used the leave command unless on a ferry or coach (which is pretty rare).

2. Innkeepers should tell you how much rent will cost even if you have noquit.

3. Make a mode that lets you see room descriptions, but not show combat spam (missed attacks).

4. When you're leading multiple mounts, the 'ride' command without arguments should choose the mount you most recently rode.
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Re: Some small QoL changes I'd like to see

Post by Rogon »

1. I fully agree. This one is a nobrainer, lead is by far the more used command. I put it on the idea board ingame.

2. Can't think of a negative impact of this, unless it's very difficult to do. I'll put it on the idea board too.

3. I guess cha brief doesn't do this either? I guess brief is descs off, while spam is descs+combat messages+some other stuff.

4. This is probably not worth the coding effort. Just make a habit out of labeling your mount, and make alias ri ride mymount.
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