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connection problems

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for the last 4 or 5 days i have been having connection problems with mume. I will try to connect through my client, mudlet 3.8.1 (recently updated) and as often as not it will not connect. I rolled back to the 3.7 and still had problems. I have noticed that alongside this that the page does not load fully or never loads and gives a message (504 gateway timeout) or (732 internal server error) I am only getting these messages when i try to connect to, or this forum for example. other websites like ER works fine. For websites the images do not load, or the website looks like a stripped down text version on white background. I have checked elvenrunes and have not seen any notices about it, and no one else seems to be having any issues. If I am able to login and play a character I am able to get in several commands maybe and then it seems as if the mud just freezes, like a lag, but it never comes out of it. I am then forced to try and connect again. I have been doing this in the hopes that my problem will just go away but it has not and I am wondering if there is anything that I can do to fix this problem. I am connecting from Indonesia, so i imagine that may be part of the problem, but it seems that for the most part, my internet is fine. the only websites that give errors or dont load completely are the websites. is there anything that can be done or do i just have to wait this out. can anyone explain why only i would be affected or why only the website is not loading?
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Re: connection problems

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It smells like someone (your ISP ? a browser extension ?) is intercepting and messing with your web traffic. Why only though ? I have no idea.

Technicalities : the webserver cannot emit these errors, it's good ol' LAMP. It does not have a reverse proxy, so no "gateway timeout" errors. As for 732, we don't emit non-standard HTTP codes AFAIK.

Interestingly, entering 732 internal server error in Google suggested adding the keyword indihome. So that may be related to Indonesia after all. You may have better luck googling for it yourself, as the results are often localized (and I wouldn't understand the answers anyway :).

Do Indonesian ISPs alter the web traffic to inject ads and/or enforce censorship ?

Depending on the above, the Telnet disconnections could be related.

You can try working around the issue by: -Waba.
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