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New Game Improvements

Post by qwait »

Hi all,

Like you all, I am an avid player of Mume. Today, it was a point where there was only 3 people online. Vast difference from the haydays.

I have a few suggestions that may be in question and would be great to have your feedback on these suggestions.

1. Our lack of social media presence. I know we have a MUME Facebook page (im not sure if its an official one) but It has not been updated for a couple of years now. I feel like we could use facebook as a tool to further advertise Mume and to attract new mud-players.

2. We should have more special "limited-time" quests where during festive periods we have special quests that gives players some excitement to chase after that special "equipment" only available during the time frame of said quests. I believe this would entice players new/old to log on to complete said quests thus maintaining daily player levels.

3. We should also help celebrate a player who has reached level 100 even more. I feel that we have not given them the amount of gratitude for players whom has given so much service and commitment to the game. It must have taken years to reach that level. We should start by giving them special undroppable/nontransferable special eq for being level 100. Where even if he dies, it doesn't drop and its a mark that he has reached level 100. like a special ring or necklace? Of course this said piece of equipment shouldnt be OP and give bearer give said player unprecedented power that hes unstoppable ;)

4. Maybe for warlords who have reached and maintain level 1 in the warlord list over a certain week threshold. That's a special achievement which we haven't looked on as much. That said player should be active and not be 'retired' after reaching the top spot.

I think these are just a few thoughts I have now that may add more excitement to the game. Tell me what you think! And do drop in a few more suggestions on how to make Mume more exciting!
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Re: New Game Improvements

Post by Slayah »

I absolutely agree. The changes you put forth all seem like great ideas. What do we need to do in order to get these things implimented?
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Re: New Game Improvements

Post by Boshi »

I think that these are great ideas as well. MUME overlords please respond to this players post!? :D There has to be a way to get more players on this game. After all it is the best MUD out there.
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Re: New Game Improvements

Post by Amorea »

Hi there, new player here. Loving it so far though there is a ton to learn and not sure where to start!

Anyhow, to attract new people, have you tried posting in the Mud Connector forums? I have been looking
for new a game for a few months now. The ones I have tried I have found through either Topmudsites or A few of them I tried because they were featured on the home page, either n new reviews
or recent reviews.

I find it encouraging when I see recent posts, lets me know there is a player base alive and well. :D
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Re: New Game Improvements

Post by Rogon »

We are in all honesty terrible forum people.

We could and should be more active on the various mud forums and other places muds are discussed, but...
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Re: New Game Improvements

Post by dagoth »

Rogon wrote:
Sat Sep 01, 2018 8:09 pm
We are in all honesty terrible forum people.

We could and should be more active on the various mud forums and other places muds are discussed, but...
I think it's more of a lack of players than anything else. I always come back for a few weeks and then leave because the game just feels so dead.
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