Issues of morality

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Issues of morality

Post by More »

Take a look at mume frequentation data at You'll notice
on the yearly plot, a remarkably steady red line. Similar quantity may be assumed
to fall on the opposite side of the war, appearing as green. These are the hard-core
PKers roughly, the final stage of evolution. A large segment it is.

Years of experience, honed skills, tricked out clients and tricked out reflexes.
Fallen in the rut, clinging to old patterns. They are systematic and mechanical.
Callous people. They call each other wimps and lamers.

There's this dumb road to success: take no chances, overpower completely. This will
not work often enough, nor yield satisfaction.
In a way it's like a poker table: playing against own kind can be a thrill, but the
main course are those bold yet clueless heroes. The new players. The suckers.

What we PKers need, indeed, what mume needs, is more and more of new players.
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Re: Issues of morality

Post by Ortansia »

I think the main reason why the green ( good race) is dominant is because this race has newbies and also people who are not interested in pk . whereas , On darkies side , there is no room for perma role playing and you are very often involved in pk even if you don't want to ..

It seems like the tendency is changing .Many people are trying darkies , What I have witnessed recently is many people playing trolls :p and Im glad too see that :) , because warren was kinda deserted before :) .
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Re: Issues of morality

Post by Thurge »

Wheel of morality, turn turn turn, and show us the lesson that we shall learn.
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