Help crawling ElvenRunes logs?

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Help crawling ElvenRunes logs?

Post by Feld »

Hey folks,

Does anyone have insight/expertise into (politely!) spidering and downloading the logs on ER?

I would like to run some textual analysis on a corpus of the logs, e.g. do statistics and geospatial analysis on where fights take place, what races are most likely to die where, etc etc.

However, I do not actually have an ER account (I've requested one for past two years, but no luck) and thus I can't paginate. The URLs I can see have a rather cryptic double integer param which seems unguessable:

Code: Select all,03004
The first int (62828 in the example above) appears to possibly be autoincrement across all logs, but I have no clue what the second param is.

I can probably spider them from the user profile pages (which have linear and guessable ids), but thought I'd ask here.

Of course, I do not want to abuse anyone's server, and I would throttle my requests very aggressively (e.g. fetch 1 log per 10 seconds, etc).
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Re: Help crawling ElvenRunes logs?

Post by Raneriel »

Hello, maybe this will help and given that I’ve not been playing for some time and that it was hard to find updated information I thought it was a good idea to figure out what race and class was fastest to level by crawling the internet for MUME-logs. Using more than 500-character information profiles accessible from logs posted on the open internet I did some analysis…

And the result – Data indicate that a Troll or an Elf is the best choice for speed leveling. The average time per level is 0,229512767 hour. The linear average time to reach legend status (level 26) is about 200 hours. But given that there have been some major changes lately, great mapping tool and additional content I’m betting this time should be easy to beat.

For more information, screenshots and how the analysis was done you can check out this unofficial fan page -
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