News 2456: Some pickables, blockables and lockables

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News 2456: Some pickables, blockables and lockables

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An elite orc-guard, a renegade uruk and the chief of smugglers met in a
Elite orc-guard said: "They discovered our cave some time ago, and now the
place is buzzing with *players*".
"Same here" said the renegade uruk.
"And here, our hideout near the river has been revealed too!" confirmed the
chief of smugglers.
The renegade uruk threw back his head and cackled with insane glee: "Well,
maybe they kill each other, or get low enough for us to attack and loot them!"

OOC: To spice up the world, some pk-veterans have contributed to building /
designing a few pk-focused locations. The work has now been completed, and
the new areas have been added to the open world of Arda. I would start looking
from around the Ettenmoors, in the Misties, in Eregion and I would probably
check around Tharbad too.

PS: A quick Note for those travelling near the Broken Forest. Please be aware
that dealing with the spirits and wraiths around Ghostly Captain has been made
slightly more difficult.

Many thanks to the contributors!

Builders............. : Fankil, Antti

Supervisors.......... : Antti, Rogon

Aratar Supervisors... : Frór (Ao/m), Nienor (Ac), Timodeus (Az)

Mudllers............. : Antti

Proofreading......... : Caldan, Raid, Zathras

Misc help............ : Almarian, Ahura, Gríma, Force
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