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Newbie kits consist of helpful items for young adventurers just starting out in MUME. Normally a newbie kit will consist of a weapon of some sort, a shield, some meat and bread, a cup of water and maybe a map of a nearby city.

In order to receive a newbie kit, simply pray to the Ainur and nicely ask for one. If no Ainur are available requests from young Free people will receive a kit automatically after a short wait.

  > pray Can I get a newbie kit, please?

Spam-praying kit is not appreciated; if an immortal is not looking at the screen, praying ten times does not speed up the matter.

The Free People

Young players of the Free People of Arda are able to get a newbie kit as needed until they are level 5. Normally you can receive only one kit until you are killed, at which point you can either try to recover the equipment in your corpse or ask for another kit and try again. Once you are above level 5 you are expected to be able to ask other mortals for assistance so no more kits are given unless you have never received one.

The Evil Races == Soldiers of the Dark Lord can only receive one kit

ever, at any level.

Zaugurz Orcs do not get any kit at all.

Please note that you drop all your items to the ground when you leave the game by using the quit command. In order to keep your items you have to rent at an innkeeper.


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