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Information for Newcomers

MUME is a rather complex game; this page is a collection of hints for newcomers. If you are new to online roleplaying games, here you can find the essential knowledge you will need to survive in Arda; if you have played other MUDs before, you can read about MUME’s unique features.

Complete Beginners

Advanced subjects

Mappers & Clients

A program that automatically creates a visual representation of MUME’s world is called a mapper.
Usually it allows you to show your current position, the terrain, remembers doors, some mappers allow to display guilds, shops, places of fresh water or other information.

Please note that mappers are neither written nor supported by MUME’s coders and management! They are projects by other players! Also read RULES MAPPERS before you use one.

Find out how to connect from your browser or with a client and/or mapper.

Video Tutorials

Quick tips for watching the videos:
  • Watch in fullscreen; The text is hard to see otherwise
  • Confirm that annotations are enabled (the boxes of text that pop up throughout the videos)
  • Pause and review specific commands as needed!
  • If the picture is blurry, check that you are viewing in high quality or HD.
  • If you cannot see the videos, your brower’s content blocker might be the cause.

You can switch videos in the playlist with the hamburger at the top right corner, or watch them on YouTube instead.

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