powwow patches

Date:Thu Jan 1 03:04:14 2009
It seems as if powwow isn't all that actively maintained, so I made some
patches available at git://fire.pvv.org:9106/powwow.git (in the 'safe' branch).

Note that these are not all that official nor all that well-tested (but
somewhat believed to work).

To download, compile and install, do something like:

 sh$ git clone git://fire.pvv.org:9106/powwow.git powwow-src
 sh$ cd powwow-src
 sh$ ./configure
 sh$ make
 sh$ sudo make install

See the ChangeLog file for notable changes (e.g., some reasonably critical bug
fixes and better out-of-the-box experience under OS X).

Send me a MUME-mail if you find any problems with it!

- Dáin