How do I get items back from a mount?

Date:Tue Jan 13 17:40:42 2004
Q. How do I get items back from a mount?
(after you have loaded them on the mount with 'give sack horse' for example)

A: 1. Type 'unsaddle <mount> all'.  This works even if there is no saddle!
   NOTE: make sure that you are unsaddling your own mount!  'unsaddle horse'
   tries to unsaddle the first horse in the room.  You could label your
   horse first:
   'label horse Bob'
   and later:
   'unsaddle Bob all'
   NOTE: at this writing, there must be enough light in the room (sunlight,
   bright moonlight, campfire, indoors light, lantern, etc) for the
   mount to SEE the items.  This applies even if the mount is a warg!!

   2. Rent the mount in a stable.
   3. Have the mount charmed, and have enough command to order the mount to
   drop or give.
   4. Kill the mount and plunder its corpse.
   5. Steal the items from the mount.