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Subject:Into the Depths
Date:Tue Feb 22 03:31:22 2000
I, Rommel Half-Elven, tarried for a while in the fair Havens nary a week 
ago.  Upon meeting a rather out-of-place young dwarf in the forge shop,
I quickly befriended him and asked if he would like to guide me to the 
Northern forests. He agreed.  His name was Sepp, his axe was sharp and
his beard was long.  
We left through the northern gates and roamed the mountains, hunting
the lions the presided there.  After some time, however, we became rather
weary and decided to travel to the Dwarven-homes.  While aprehensive
of the underground caverns, I still followed my loyal friend into the dim
caverns.   He pointed out the crystals in the wall, the veins of unmarred
ore in the walls, and took great pride in the work of his forefathers.
After we had rested enough, he decided to partake in a great Adventure, 
one that would lead into the depths of the Mines. We decended into the 
dark corridors and laid waste upon the dark things that go there.
All was going well and good when suddenly Sepp's feet jerked up above
his head and he flew upwards into the roof of the cavern.  Looking upward,
I spotted several sinister red eyes gleaming back at me like rubies.  Alas, 
my bow had not the reach, and my climbing not enough, and he seemed
lost forever to me.

Running out of the caves with cold sweat pouring over me, I crashed
headlong into a wandering warrior.  He said he would assist me in my 
plight to recover my friend, who he assured was just entangled some-
where.  I followed him deep into the black pits of the Dwarves.  We finaly 
entered a hidious lair of the spiders, may the memory fade from my mind.
It was horrible.  Skeletons wrapped halfway in thick coils of silk, weapons
and helms rusting away, and horrible groans coming from within.  Clutching
my spear ever harder, I followed that brave soul deeper. Suddenly, he 
was assailed by two of the foul spiders.  I tried my best to aid him, but 
a horrible coil of silk snared my arms and I fled the room in a panic.
Alas! I could not hold back the spiders that followed me, or stop them
from dragging me back inward!  The sticky, foul wrappings quickly encased
me and I was suddenly very alone.
The hero fell to the spiders too, for I felt his weight press against my legs. 
Finaly, in the most horrible way, the spiders began to tear away a small 
patch near my neck to expose the skin.  Thier horrible jaws decended 
onto my throat.  I could FEEL the venom dripping off them!

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