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Subject:Proceedings of Bree's Court of Justice
Author:the Mayor of Bree
Date:Fri Mar 10 17:03:25 2000

--- Silverfang the Junior against Sphee ---

Today, Silverfang the Junior, a young Elf from Thranduil's kingdom in the
East, filed a complaint against Sphee the Dwarf, one of King Thorin
Oakenshield's subjects, for partial breach of contract.

Silverfang the Senior, may he rest in peace, died in the accursed caves of
the Galgals; his son hired Sphee to retrieve the corpse for proper burial,
and any family heirlooms could have been on the corpse. As a fee for this
service, Silverfang the Junior would pay Sphee a sum not less than twenty
gold coins.

Sphee performed the service required, but - according to his version - he
only found nine silver coins on the corpse; therefore he withheld Silverfang
Senior's sword from Silverfang Junior, until he would pay the rest. Upon
receipt of the remaining part of the fee, Sphee handed over the sword.

According to Silverfang, instead, Sphee had already received the entire
payment, and wanted to keep the sword to himself; only after being threatened
of murderous revenge by Lowyn and Zaber, did he relinquish the sword.

In either case, both parties are now in possession of what they originally
stipulated; without any conclusive evidence, it is my ruling that things
shall remain as they are. Any revenge against Silverfang or Sphee, if
appropriately proved, will cause the aggressor be tried for his crimes,
or be exiled from Breeland.

--- The Town of Bree against Hanir ---

Near the end of the previous trial, a most unfortunate event happened:
Hanir the Elf, a long-time guest of our town, dared cast an incantation
over myself, putting me into an enchanted slumber. This was witnessed by all
those who were attending the trial, as well as several Bree guards; it
was doubtlessly an act of aggravated contempt towards Bree Justice, as
well as an assault against myself.

Hanir escaped the town to avoid being arrested, and is still in contumacy.

Therefore, I decree that Hanir be deprived of citizenship rights in Breeland,
until he makes sufficient amend by providing funds to sustain the efforts
of the Bree Guard against Orcs, Black Númenóreans, Trolls, and other menaces
to the prosperity of our town.

Signed on this 13th of Astron 2983,

                                      Adalbert Green, Mayor

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