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Subject:Bree elections & kings
Date:Thu Apr 27 02:50:51 2000
Since the founding of Bree there has been but one honest election.
All the free citizens of Bree were encouraged to vote for one of
two candidates - the then current mayor of bree who at the time 
was no where to be found and refused to debate, and Thrud, a loyal
citizen of all the free cities of Arda, excepting only Tharbad
(which is ruled by the Dictator "The Th^H^HChief of Tharbad".)

While it is true that only one vote was cast in this election,
it nonetheless was cast for Thrud.  Thrud duly took up the mantle
of leadership and watched over Bree for several nights.  Then,
without reason or legal right, the previous mayor led a coup' 
by force of arms.  The evil, yes evil, chief guard of Bree
accosted Thrud and demanded that Thrud step down as Mayor.  Thrud
refused but was pushed aside and the old Mayor took over.

Thrud could have fought and put down the insurrection, but Thrud 
was afraid that innocent lives would be lost, so Thrud left Bree
to the "Mayor" and the Mayor's chief thug.  Thrud remains the
only duly elected Mayor of Bree, but without the loyalty of the
guards of Bree, Thrud has no power to set things right.

Now the truth has been told, perhaps the current "Mayor" will see
the error of the Mayor's ways and restore the rightful Mayor.


 (ooc: The events above actually happened, and Thrud carried the
title "Thrud, Mayor of Bree" for several RL months.  The election
occurred one night when Thrud was the only player online.  MUME
was a little buggy that night. The election was several RL years
ago, but p(Thrud) has a long memory.)
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