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Subject:How the mighty have vanished...
Date:Thu May 11 18:48:16 2000
Thrud is old, very old, and buried deep in Thrud's failing memory are
names no longer found on Arda.  Thrud remembers (barely) when Trolls 
had not yet appeared, and the Orc caves where not yet the "New Orc Caves".
Thrud remembers Lightning, the evil whitie, that was Sauron's greatest
ally, and Trix, Sauron's greatest troll.  Thrud remembers the great 
forces of good as well, but Thrud's memory is fading.  Thrud remembers
the white worm that dwelled near the Last Bridge, the vorpal rabbits,
and the Great Wedding (which Thrud did not attend - sniff).  If there
are others here who still remember those days, perhaps a note on this
board would help cheer Thrud up.
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