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Subject:to the Commandant of Fornost
Date:Fri May 26 15:08:14 2000
Dear Sir,

Today I had a run in with a person of arcane talents by the name of
Aseaaranion. Though I do not think she is evil at heart she does things
without thought of those around her. The problem stemmed when I heard
rumors of her bringing evil creatures to our home city via some magical
incantation. I ran across her and she was doing just that so I decided
to try to talk sense to her.

Though the situation at hand involved just a few dogs of sauron I am
sure she has summoned beings of more power. Better yet though, she
was bringing these creatues to our own city council's meeting room.
The nerve! That room is going to stink for days. I sincerely hope that
the Commandant of Fornost will take up this matter for it concerns all
the citizens of Fornost.


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