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Subject:Citizens of the West
Date:Mon May 29 01:12:14 2000
Fellow Rangers and Citizens of the West,

I do not ask for much besides for you to open your ears and hear me out. I
have made claims that I will back until my death and nothing can change the
truth of these claims for I have witnessed them with my own eyes. I repeat,
I do not label Aseaaranion an evil person. But I do question her methods.
Some of you have no doubt been aided by her and I am sure she would aid me
in my time of need. This is not the issue here.

The issue that I have brought before you is a matter of security and
sanitation. I believe I stated that I witnessed her summoning creatures of
evil to our beloved city of Fornost. The fact that her goal was to destroy
them should matter not. When one sees, hears, smells the minions of Sauron
in their home city they become concerned for their safety. I, as a ranger
and faithful citizen of Fornost, only want this to be worked around. I
ask you, Aseaaranion, and others that do the same to do your summoning
outside the city and away from anyone that could get hurt.

As for the matter of sanitation, I don't doubt any of you can see otherwise
that the killing of the beasts of sauron will leave foul smelling blood and
other body parts scattered about. I have witnessed the killing of some such
beast and I have taken note of the mess and the lingering stench left

All I ask is for your support to avoid this. I don't see what problems it
could cause to ask a summoner to do that work outside of the city.


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