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Subject:Re: Citizens of the West
Date:Mon May 29 03:31:52 2000
We hear you loud and clear Remy but seeing as how we destroy the corpses
of Saurons minions after taking their lives there is no sanitation hazard
As for the noise polution and the public distress it will do the public 
good too feel fear and the need for those to fight Sauron. If they see
smell and hear the evil at their very footsteps it will urge them to help
even more in our struggles. The more people that become scared the more that
will find reasons to fight. A little fear never hurt anyone and as far as 
I have seen there was never a true public panic. Let my lady Aseaaranion 
continue her struggle. It is bad enough she must face so much evil alone when
surrounded by so many able bodied men but to constantly annoy her with these
petty indiferences is a waste of the good citizens time.
Norglin Shadowstorm, The hammer of Esgaroth, Ranger of the North
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