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Subject:Re: How the mighty have vanished...
Date:Fri Jun 2 02:33:02 2000
Ahh, my old, dear friend Thrud!  I, too, remember those days very well.
Although the memories are long faded, I do indeed share many of them with you.
One in particular strikes a chord:  The Great Wedding!  I assume that we both
speak of the same event, where crowds of the good folk came from all across
Arda to watch the merry event.  There were gifts galore, a grand feast, and
many great and noble attendees.  I yearn once more for the days before 
Sauron's forces began to slowly overrun the good folk of the world.  I do,
however, remember the day when the mighty Snarf himself was finally slain!
I was not there personally, as I was a young apprentice then, but I remember
my joy at knowing that that mighty warrior of evil was mortal after all.
May your memories never fade, great Thrud, and may your paths be as gentle
as your humble heart!

Aschit Bladebard, carrier of legends and lore of old.
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